Xsense® ensures that receivers accept and maintain high quality product

Typical applications include:

  • Monitoring of in-coming shipments
  • Monitoring rapid cooling of incoming product
  • Monitoring of storage areas
  • Monitoring ripening process
  • Improving operational efficiency
  • Highlighting operational bottlenecks and problem areas.

Monitor in-coming shipments

Xsense® provides traceability of your cargo and visibility to shipping environmental conditions. Moreover, it allows you to check if your third-party logistics providers comply with cold chain requirements. Xsense® will save you time, money, and help you ensure you receive satisfactory goods.

  • Viewing datalogger readings of incoming shipments without having to open the doors to the container or truck.
  • Receive automatic arrival notifications including quality metrics, such as Cold Chain Logistics™ (CCL™)score, Pallet at Risk™ (PAR™) score, and degree hours to quickly identify problems.
  • Receive advance notification and alert of issues with FULL graphs at waypoints, such as ports, DCs, terminals and airports or in real-time with Xsense® HiTags™.
  • Receive readings in real-time with Xsense® cellular real-time dataloggers.
  • Readings are uploaded from dataloggers automatically, without manual intervention, saving work and time.

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Shipment Monitoring

  • Skip notifying shippers, because results are automatically sent to the shipper.
  • Receive alerts should cooling equipment be turned off prematurely.
  • Analyze variation in quality between routes and carriers with Xsense® shipment business intelligence (BI) analytics tool
  • View shipments by leg
  • Utilize a dedicated company page within Xsense® Cloud Portal with the ability to view current and historic data.
  • Review weekly shipment arrival report makes it easy to identify problems and conduct benchmarks.

Monitor own facilities

Proper regulation of the environment in storage facilities ensures long shelf life and minimizes weight loss of perishable products in backrooms, storage area, and on shelves.

Xsense® HiTag™ dataloggers can be placed around storage areas in order to monitor hot and cold spots, including in sealed areas. HiTags™ may be placed in amongst the produce, such as inside pallets, to be alert to warm produce and potential chilling injuries from temperatures becoming too low.

Xsense® equipment is quick and easy to install with flexibility as to where equipment may be placed.

Xsense® offers:

  • Effective management of hot and cold spots
  • Remote monitoring of sealed controlled-atmosphere storage
  • Early warning of refrigeration failure and frost risk.

Monitor ripening process / Monitor rapid cooling

Product may arrive outside of specification. If temperatures are too high, the rate of respiration and ethylene production, ethylene sensitivity and firmness loss are all heightened, leading to reduction in storage potential.  Rapid-cooling can be used to bring product into specification before exposure to suboptimal conditions causes product to suffer irreparable damage.

Product may arrive in an unripe condition. Ripening can prepare product for market. Xsense® has a software module designed to manage and optimize the operation of rapid-cool and ripening rooms. HiTag™ sensors are placed within the stores (or space), and in or on pallets. The treatment cycles are programmed in the module and staff are alerted to intermediate and termination events.

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Facility Monitoring

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Product Treatment