USB Dataloggers

Xsense® USB dataloggers are a convenient low-cost solution that can be read most anywhere a personal computer is available.  They are thing and compact.

Xsense® is as always data accessibility.  If the USB output files are uploaded to Xsense® Cloud, the data is always shared with all relevant parties.


Sharing of readings is a weakness of USB dataloggers.  Often one party keeps the data to themselves.  So, Xsense® works to make it as easy as possible to share the data.

Option 1: The output file of the USB datalogger can be uploaded directly to Xsense® Cloud via the Xsense® Web Application.

Option 2: The output file may be sent to the Xsense® Cloud email server, where upon receipt the contents will be processed and loaded into Xsense® Cloud.

Once in Xsense® Cloud the readings are made available on-line to all relevant parties, and alerts and notifications are generated and distributed.

Another example of Xsense® striving for ever more convenient monitoring.