USB Dataloggers

Xsense® USB dataloggers are a convenient low-cost solution that can be read most anywhere a personal computer is available.  They are thing and compact.

Xsense® is as always data accessibility.  If the USB output files are uploaded to Xsense® Cloud, the data is always shared with all relevant parties.


Sharing of readings is a weakness of USB dataloggers.  Often one party keeps the data to themselves.  So, Xsense® works to make it as easy as possible to share the data.

Option 1: The output file of the USB datalogger can be uploaded directly to Xsense® Cloud via the Xsense® Web Application.

Option 2: The output file may be sent to the Xsense® Cloud email server, where upon receipt the contents will be processed and loaded into Xsense® Cloud.

Once in Xsense® Cloud the readings are made available on-line to all relevant parties, and alerts and notifications are generated and distributed.

Another example of Xsense® striving for ever more convenient monitoring.

About USB-01 USB data logger

Xsense® USB dataloggers are a simple, compact and affordable choice for monitoring the temperature of goods over the course
of shipments. They can be accepted by most receivers and require no installation of proprietary software.

Plug the USB datalogger into the USB port of a computer, and the datalogger will automatically create a report of the cold chain shipment in Adobe® PDF format, our system permit you create to a file of the readings in CSV format if necessary.

There are many USB temperature data monitors on the market. Xsense® offers theirs with a twist to make user’s life a bit easier.

Upload the PDF file to Xsense® Cloud via the Xsense® portal or send an email with the PDF file as an attachment to the email address of the Xsense® Cloud servers and the contents of the PDF will be parsed and stored in Xsense® Cloud. This ensures compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 standards for the handling of data. This also triggers a whole series of other events. The
results are made available on-line to all users associated with the shipment, alerts and arrival notifications may be triggered, and the results will be available on users’ smartphones.

Features and benefits

  • Integrated USB connector
  • No purchase of software required
  • Automatic generation of results in Adobe® PDF format