End-to-End monitoring

Xsense® Ltd. is one of the pioneers of end-to-end monitoring, which we have been doing for over 12 years.  Xsense® Cloud was designed with end-to-end monitoring as a primary objective.  One can use the standard Xsense® Shipment module to monitor end-to-end, with all data securely apportioned to the relevant data owners along the journey, assuming a single datalogger travels from end-to-end.

We realize that cold-chains are rarely so simple that a single datalogger can be expected to travel from one end to the other of a cold-chain. For that reason, Xsense® has the ability to build complete coldchains from data from a combination of Xsense® modules.  Contact Xsense® Ltd for guidance on how to assemble complex end-to-end monitoring solutions together.

Typical application: monitoring the entire cold chain.

How It Works

  • A HiTag™ is placed on or within the item to be monitored, anywhere at fixed locations or in in-transit containers.
  • The relationship between the HiTag™ and the item to be monitored is recorded in Xsense®.
  • The type of item is identified as well, from whence a whole set of predefined settings, such as temperature excursion thresholds, will be associated with the item.
  • The Hitag™ may be assigned to several shipments along its journey.
  • The item is monitored as it passes through conditioning, storage, transit, and last mile, however many times each stage occurs.

What it Solves

  • Visibility to condition of items as they pass through multiple segments, legs, and changing ownership along the cold chain
  • Ability to take actions in real-time along the logistics chain
  • Monitoring of the 3rd-party facilities, carriers, and other parties
  • Data security
  • Traceability
  • Identifying cold chain and operational bottlenecks

For end-to-end monitoring, one may use HiTag™ dataloggers, cellular real-time dataloggers, or both.


  • Measuring environment and product condition.
  • Wireless technology
  • Powerful cold chain modeling capability
  • Full cold chain visibility
  • Automatic data upload, download and backup
  • Ability to get readings from inside closed containers
  • Real-time information when perishables are near Xsense® wireless gateways or with cellular real-time dataloggers.
  • Notifications of arrival to intermediary and final destinations
  • Data visibility governance by role and place in cold chain
  • Xsense® Web Application and Mobile App capabilities
  • Cold chain segmentation for root-cause analysis
  • Easy installation
  • Pre-calibrated dataloggers
  • Actionable information and benchmarking reports – by room/site/product


  • Easy access to online data 24/7
  • Affordable pallet/box/item level monitoring
  • Strengthens insurance claims and may result in a lower insurance fees
  • Improved inventory management and stock prioritization based on product historical data
  • Cold chain integrity through to storefront
  • Improved cold chain transparency and visibility for all stakeholders
  • Improved operational efficiency and reduced waste
  • Easy installation and use
  • No need for calibration of data loggers; dataloggers factory calibrated.