Biological Products

Vaccines, plasmas, blood, and amino acids are vulnerable to damage and biological deterioration.  In the case of organs, cooling reduces cellular metabolism such that the life of the organs is extended. Hypothermic approach slows biological deterioration and addresses sanitary requirements.  Depending upon the organ type, bio-products have a limited transportation and storage window before they can no longer be used. For instance, a heart must be transplanted within several hours.   Irreversible changes and severe damage may occur in case of the slightest deviation from the norm, such as ischemic and hypoxic injury, inflammation, structural and molecular changes, and cell deterioration.  Consequently, a seamless high-quality temperature-controlled supply chain is essential for the proper transportation and storage of delicate biological products such as vaccines, blood and organs.

Customers in this market have been motivated by loss prevention, safety, and quality optimization,  These customers of Xsense® System have found the following attributes to be particularly relevant:

  • Support for full end-to-end multileg monitoring with traceability, for both static and dynamic preservation types of biological products,
  • Real-time tracking and reporting, and
  • Secure record keeping that meets FDA standards.
Vaccine monitoring solutions