Flowers are highly perishable. Once harvested, flowers, as well as other plants, begin to rot and are inclined to lose their aesthetic value. The flower supply chain and floral industry are confronted with the challenge of preventing water loss, browning, loss of turgor, early unfurl, overheating, and over-freezing.  So, the flower supply chain is typically short in duration, and frequently includes shipping via air.

A well-managed cold chain in the floral market monitors all stages: harvesting, packaging, precooling, warehousing, transportation to market, local storage, transportation to the retailers, and then to customers. Temperature, air quality, humidity, and lighting level must all be controlled throughout the cold chain for the fresh-cut flowers to have a long life in the vase.

Xsense® has been selected by several flower shippers for the ability of HiTags™ to be safely included in air shipments, for its ability to provide frequent detailed readings, and for our network of Xsense® wireless gateways at terminals around the world that provide real-time updates, and allow journey segmentation and effective root cause analysis.