Last Mile Monitoring

The Xsense® Last Mile monitoring solution permits affordable and effective monitoring of deliveries over the last mile where distribution vehicles typically make multiple stops and journeys are short. Product quality is at risk every time the vehicle doors are left open, especially if your deliveries come in small units.

Given the full range of infrastructure and operational variations that companies face, Xsense® Last Mile Monitoring comes with a variety of functional options. The solution can be fine-tuned depending upon the level of infrastructure available, the level of investment desired, and the amount and type of information required for collection.

Typical applications: monitoring of perishable goods transported in own or third-party logistics vehicles through defined routes, one-off journeys, or operating from fixed bases.

How It Works

The data logger is placed in the vehicle.

  • Xsense® wireless HiTag™ or Xsense® cellular real-time loggers are placed by the items or in the vehicle.
  • Dataloggers are associated with the vehicle
  • Vehicles are configured in Xsense® Cloud.
  • Depending upon the operating scenario, readings are uploaded upon arrival at specific destinations, or continuously in real-time throughout the journey.
  • When real-time readings are available, interested parties are alerted to issues in real-time. When real-time readings are not available, users are alerted to issues as soon as the readings become available.
  • As the goods arrive at the intermediary or final destination interested parties are automatically notified about the progress of their deliveries.


What It Solves

  • Monitoring of distribution or delivery vehicles
  • Monitoring of the third-party carriers
  • Highlighting of operational bottlenecks and problem areas
  • Traceability
  • Reliable reporting of dataloggers results

For last mile monitoring, one may choose to utilize HiTag™ dataloggers, cellular real-time dataloggers, or both.


  • Choice of low-cost or very high capability options.
  • Supports one-way and cyclic journeys
  • Supports use of mounted hardware and temporarily placed hardware
  • Supports single-use hardware and reusable hardware.
  • Optional receiver visibility
  • Monitoring can be restricted to work hours.
  • Wireless technology with automatic data upload
  • Notification of arrival to intermediary and final destinations
  • Xsense® Web Application and Mobile App capabilities


  • Facilitates transparency of delivery conditions
  • Improves operational efficiency and saves costs by reducing product losses.
  • Visibility to risks to product quality over the delivery cycle.
  • Better root cause identification of source of quality issues
  • Vehicle benchmarking and other analytics