Xsense® offers a variety of hardware to suit the specific needs of each customer.

  • HiTag™ wireless RF dataloggers
  • Xsense® cellular real-time data loggers
  • Bluetooth low energy (BLE) data loggers
  • USB data loggers
  • API integration

HiTag™ Wireless RF

The readings are stored on the HiTag™ datalogger until it connects to the Xsense® wireless gateway, after which the readings are transferred to the gateway.  The gateway will relay the readings collected from the HiTag™ to Xsense® Cloud.

Reading updates are available for HiTag™ dataloggers that encounter Xsense® gateways at strategic waypoints, such as ports, DCs, terminals, and airports.

Reading updates are available in real-time for Xsense® cellular real-time dataloggers whenever connected to the cellular network

The data is transferred without human intervention for HiTag™ models, ensuring full cold chain transparency.

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Cellular Real-Time

Readings are automatically passed to Xsense® Cloud, when connected to the cellular network.Readings are stored on the real-time datalogger while it is not connected to the cellular network.

The data is transferred without human intervention for Xsense® cellular real-time models, ensuring full cold chain transparency.

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Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Readings are stored in BLE data loggers until they are paired with a smartphone running the Xsense® mobile app, after which they are passed to Xsense® Cloud.

For the sake of security, the readings are not viewable directly on the smartphone, but the data may be viewed on the smartphone via the Xsense® mobile app after the readings have been analyzed by Xsense® Cloud.

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Readings are stored on USB dataloggers until the end of their monitoring task, at which point the results may be exported as a PDF or CSV file to a computer.  The contents of the export file may be transferred from the computer to Xsense® Cloud via manual upload using the Xsense® Web Application, or as an attachment to an email sent to an email server of Xsense® Cloud.

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API Integration

Xsense® Cloud can accept readings from other sources via API (Application Programming Integration).  This ability allows Xsense® to be used as a platform for all related sensor data.

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