Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables are vulnerable to the slightest break in the cold supply chain as it can severely influence food quality. Poorly maintained produce will show signs of change to appearance, chilling injury, overdrying, uneven ripening, rotting, and bacterial contamination.  A poorly managed cold chain will result in significant waste.  The Xsense® System helps control your cold chain, reducing the loss of quality of produce, minimizing wastes, and reducing health risks from microbial activity.

Xsense® can be used to monitor all parts of the cold-chain from field to packhouse, on its way to market, via truck, air, or sea, at the depot, at the distribution center, and on to the retailer.  Xsense® also has capabilities specifically tailored for the handling of produce, such as precooling monitoring.  And Xsense® has placed wireless gateways for HiTags™ along many routes of the fresh produce cold-chain, in ports, in warehouses, in terminals, and at receivers, ensuring the users are updated on readings along the way and at the destination.

Customers in this market have been motivated to limit deterioration of product to extend shelf life.  These customers of Xsense® System have found the following attributes to be particularly relevant:

  • Cold chain traceability for international markets
  • Dew point results during transportation
  • Accurate temperature readings to control fruit respiration and maturation
  • Automatic alerts and notifications – to preview final quality upon arrival at the destination.