General questions about Xsense® system

The Xsense® system is a solution designed specifically for monitoring environmentally sensitive conditions, such as temperature-control supply chains. Moreover, the solution and technologies are generally applicable to other industries.  The system records, analyzes, reports, and initiates actions based upon the environmental conditions to which perishables, such as food products and pharmaceuticals, are exposed.  

The Xsense® system offers a variety of equipment to meet the specific needs of customers.  Initially, we developed combination of wireless dataloggers (HiTags™) for taking readings, and wireless gateways (CUs), for transferring readings from the HiTags™ and passing them to Xsense® Platform, where they are processed and the results are shared with users.  These continue to be the most popular Xsense® hardware because they offer an excellent combination of capability versus price.

Many customers like the new all-in-one cellular real-time loggers that are on the market. Several cellular real-time data loggers are now being offered as part of the Xsense® hardware collection.  They come in a variety of cellular and sensor technologies.

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The Xsense® system applies for monitoring locations, vehicles, and items.  Xsense® can monitor all parts of the cold chain: on location, in transit, and last mile.  Examples of items that are typically monitored are perishables, such as fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy, frozen produce, seafood, and pharmaceuticals.

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Xsense® hardware products

Xsense® HiTag™ dataloggers offer several  fixed sampling intervals:


  • Standard Interval: 30 minutes if online / 60 minutes if offline
  • Short Interval: 8 minutes if online / 16 minutes if offline
  • UltraShort Interval: 4 minutes if online / 8 minutes if offline (on request)

Xsense® cellular real-time dataloggers support a range of read rates, depending upon the model.  In some cases, the read rate may be modified online.

Different Xsense® HiTag2™ models can cover ranges of temperature from as low as -35° to as high as +50°C (-31°F to 122°F).   See tag model specifications for the capabilities of specific models.

See tag model specifications here.

Press and hold the activation button for one second until the LED starts flashing. Make sure that the indicator LED is flashing.

Diagram for turning the sensor on and off

Depending on a data logger’s model the battery lasts from 1 month to 1 year.

Find out more information of the models here

No, the battery is non-rechargeable.

The sensors are expected to remain in calibration for between 1 and 10 years, depending upon the model.  Regulations and standards may impose limitations on the duration that a sensor may be presumed to be in calibration.

We recommend replacing existing HiTag™ dataloggers with factory calibrated HiTag™ dataloggers, rather than the customer attempting to recalibrate them.

  • Temperature accuracy: ± 0.5°C (± 0.9°F) in a range -30°C to +40°C (-22°F to 104°F)
  • Humidity 5% ±

Reading capacity of the temperature monitoring tag is 2000 readings (between 20 and 80 days of readings at one reading every 16 and 60 minutes, respectively) in an offline mode.

Once the tag is activated, data readings cannot be stopped.

The range of reception of the CU is approximately 100 m. The range of the radio coverage can vary depending on the material of the walls, the presence of obstacles in the form of metal racks, visors, pallets, corners of buildings.

Data loggers can also transmit information through other data loggers that are in the gateway visibility zone. In this case, the second logger will act as a repeater. The distance between the loggers so that they can communicate with each other should be about 25 m.

HiTags™ are reusable up to their end of life. 

HiTags™ are not reprogrammable by the user.

Xsense® Cloud

An alert is a message sent users notifying them that certain events have occurred.

Alerts are defined in the Xsense® portal for each Xsense® module.  Within the definitions, the set of persons to be notified needs to be defined.

You may receive alerts via email, SMS, push notifications in the Xsense® app on your smartphone or a dashboard in the Xsense® portal.  You need to have an account in the Xsense® portal in order to receive alerts via the last three methods. You will need to install the Xsense® mobile app on your smartphone, and you will need to be logged in to the mobile app in order to receive in-app messages.

Xsense® provides 3 types of alerts:

  • Sensor Driven Alerts:  An example is threshold breaches – for instance, a temperature or RH reading is too low or too high.
  • Technical Alerts: An example is a low battery alert.
  • Operational Alerts: An example is a “No readings” alert, whereby a stream of readings is expected but not received.

For further instructions, see Xsense® User Guides, ‘Configuring Rules for Alerts’ section.

Data gathered throughout the temperature-controlled supply chain is transformed into information reports available to users of the system:

  • Facility monitoring reports – Daily, Weekly or Monthly, providing information on relative humidity and temperature parameters
  • Various shipment and Last mile reports – arrival reports; closed and started shipment reports; last-mile periodic reports and tag activity reports.

Reports provide complete information about shipments and monitoring of storage facilities, which allows the client to receive information not only on current parameters and indicators but also see the dynamics of indicators in a graphical representation, which greatly simplifies its analysis and evaluation.

If you have forgotten your password or your password does not work:

  • On the login screen, select the link for requesting a new password.
  • A link for resetting your password will be sent to the email provided, provided that an account exists registered to that email.
  • Open your email and select the link.
  • You will be prompted to enter a new password.

If this procedure does not work, please contact Xsense® support at support@xsense.co

Yes, logged data will be plotted on the logger graph.

Yes, Xsense® system can be integrated with API, ERP and Quality control platforms, which allows the convenience of automatic shipment creation.

Yes, Xsense® system has Android or IOs based apps enabling shipment tracking from your mobile.