Dairy and Milk

The speedy delivery of fresh dairy products to the end consumer in the best possible condition is a great challenge. Dairy products have a short shelf life of only several hours under hot temperatures. And if they are mistreated, they can exhibit unpleasant taste, changes to pH and color, souring, quick aggregation, and bacterial growth. The need is to prevent a plethora of quality problems.

Typically, milk and dairy are exposed to the highest risks during the loading and unloading processes, which are relatively short. Therefore, it is imperative to control environmental conditions when transitioning from storage to distribution and back.

Customers in this market have been motivated to maintain product appearance and quality, limit health risks, and slow spoilage, thereby ensuring that consumers receive a quality product.  These customers of Xsense® System have found the following attributes to be particularly relevant:

  • Accurate temperature monitoring for maintenance of smells, colour, viscosity, and serum properties.
  • Automatic alerts and notifications for enabling timely awareness and corrective action.
  • Dashboard for convenient access to one’s cold-chain information.