Shippers and Exporters

We’ll keep an eye on shipping conditions for you

Improper refrigeration of perishable products during transportation and storage costs billions of dollars every year to companies worldwide. Monitoring of perishables during shipment is a must.

Xsense® provides you with the tools to ensure that your products get to market safely and protects you from unjustified claims.  Xsense® provides traceability and visibility. Moreover, it allows you to check that your third-party logistics providers are in compliance.

Shippers prefer Xsense® for:

  • Wireless dataloggers ensure that data is uploaded automatically, without manual intervention.
  • Shipments can be viewed by leg.
  • Readings from the shipment cannot be withheld by the receiver; the readings are always visible to both the shipper and the receiver.
  • Reading updates are available for HiTag™ dataloggers that encounter Xsense® gateways at strategic waypoints, such as ports, DCs, terminals, and airports, with reali-time readings while at those locations.
  • Reading updates are available in real-time for Xsense® cellular real-time dataloggers..
  • Locations of individual goods can be tracked.
  • Automatic alerts and notifications are provided with FULL graphs.
  • Real-time readings may be available at strategic waypoints, such as ports.
  • Metrics such as CCL™ scores, PAR™ scores, and degreehours values allow one to quickly identify shipments potentially with problems.
  • Weekly shipment arrival report makes it easy to identify problems and conduct benchmarks.
  • Internal Business Intelligence (BI) analytics tool allows one to compare carriers and routes and highlight operational bottlenecks and other problem areas.

The result is:

  • Enhanced transparency minimizing disputes between you and your customers
  • Improved operational efficiency that saves you costs and reduces product waste
  • Reduced insurance claims and fees
  • All shipment quality data at your fingertips


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