Cold Chain Information at Your Fingertips

Xsense® provides the accessible information and tools to allow users to implement corrective action with immediacy, and for the long term.

You can access Xsense® Cloud via

  • Browser (Web application)
  • Smartphone (Mobile App)
  • Tablet (Web application or Mobile App)
  • System-to-system integration via APIs

Accessible from any internet-connected device


Alerts / Notifications


  • Sent when a set of rules are breached.
  • Sent via email, in-app messaging, SNS, API, or (optionally) SMS


  • Automatically generated upon arrival of cargo at waypoints or destination.
  • Can be generated before truck/container doors are opened.
  • Contain FULL sensor readings graph, with maximum, minimum, average and arrival values of tracked sensors
  • May contain quality assessment metrics: Cold Chain Logistic™ (CCL™) score, inidicating quality of the journey, and Pallets At Risk™ (PAR™) score, which may identify those items that have suffered damage.May be used to assess incoming goods.
  • Sent to both shipper/supplier and receiver ensuring full transparency, and simplifying settling of claims
  • Sent via email or in-app messaging /API
  • Automatic alerts and notifications are provided with FULL graphs informing you at waypoints and endpoints about the progress of or issues with your shipments, saving time and money.

Xsense® Mobile App

All registered Xsense® System portal users may access their cold chain data via the Xsense® mobile app. 

The Xsense® mobile app gives one full access to all the essential functions and capabilities of the web portal.  Its intuitive user-friendly interface makes it easy to enter data into Xsense® or to access information while one is out and about.


  • Information about dataloggers
  • Configuring shipments
  • Associating dataloggers to monitored items
  • Most recent readings
  • Historic readings
  • In-App messages and alerts
  • Route history
  • Summary views
  • Dashboard views

The Xsense® application is available for Android and IOS devices.

app store
Mobile view


User configurable dashboards offer quick access to your most important information.


Customizable dashboards for quick access to your most relevant information

Available Widgets:

  • Animated pictures (i.e. sensor values against site views)
  • Alarms
  • Current arrivals
  • Statistical measures
  • Charts
  • And more

Viewable via smartphone and browser.


Xsense® provides:

  • 30+ different available reports,
  • Periodic reports for the tracking and analysis of accumulated data,
  • Automatic distribution via email or smartphone app, and
  • Choice of format: CSV, XLSX and PDF
Xsesnse Shipment Monitoring Reports

Analytics Tools

Xsense® provides companies with tools to analyze the performance of their cold chain, including:

  • A built-in cold chain analytics tool,
  • Compare carriers and routes,
  • Identify operational bottlenecks and other problem areas of the cold-chain.
  • Specific reports, including raw data exports, and
  • API export, for processing data on a user’s own BI system in conjunction with one’s own data.