Chocolate is monitored in a manner different from how most others are monitored by Xsense®. Chocolate is rarely cooled. However, chocolate must be maintained within tight tolerances, otherwise it may show signs of melting, sugar blooming, overcooling, loss of shape, loss of stability, change of taste, or change of odor.  Damaged chocolate will have a shortened shelf-life and may harbor contaminants or germs.

The recommended conditions for preserving optimal freshness of chocolate over the supply chain is to ensure the use of appropriate packaging, temperature-controlled containers to avoid the melting point of chocolate, and control over humidity to avoid damp conditions.

Customers in this market have been motivated by waste reduction, shelf life extension, and ensuring that consumers receive a quality product.  These customers of Xsense® System have found the following attributes to be particularly relevant:

  • Ability to monitor the temperature and RH of the product while in storage and during delivery.
  • Ability to monitor temperature exposure of product on display shelves cost-effectively.