Xsense® ensures that receivers accept and maintain high quality product

Typical applications include:

  • Monitoring of crops
  • Monitoring of temperature and relative humidity during product conditioning processes (like pre-cooling)
  • Monitoring of storage areas
  • Improving operational efficiency and reducing power utilization
  • Monitoring of in-transit cargoes and third-party carriers
  • Highlighting of operational bottlenecks and problem areas

Monitor fields

Xsense® in the field, hothouse, or greenhouse can be used to monitor the temperature and humidity of those environments in real-time to:

  • Build a profile of the environmental conditions in the fields.
  • Make decisions about the likelihood of pests and diseases.
  • Be alerted to meaningful or critical changes in the field, such as frost, or the need for irrigation.

Monitoring data fed into greenhouse control systems can be used to achieve remarkable energy savings and to significantly boost growth rates.

Xsense® hardware can be powered by battery or solar panel.

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Field Monitoring

Monitor pre-cooling

The period between harvest and the point where produce reaches a safe storage temperature, produce quality can deteriorate rapidly through water loss or spoilage, which affects the appearance and firmness of produce. Pre-cooling processes, which refers to the rapid removal of field heat shortly after the harvesting of a crop, are utilized to shorten the duration of this period.

Xsense® has a software module designed to manage and optimize the operation of pre-coolers. HiTag™ sensors are placed within the pre-cooler stores (or space), and in or on pallets. Cooling cycles can be programmed in the module and users will be alerted to intermediate and termination events.

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Pre-cooling Monitoring

Monitor cold storage

Once the produce has been cooled to approximately the temperature of the coolers, maintaining appropriate temperature and humidity levels is critical to achieving a long storage life.

Xsense® HiTag™ dataloggers can be placed around storage areas in order to monitor hot and cold spots, including in sealed areas. HiTags™ may be placed in amongst the produce, such as inside pallets, to be alert to warm produce and potential chilling injuries from temperatures becoming too low.

With Xsense® one can have:

  • Sensors mounted in cold stores, CA rooms, , evaporators, , and hollows prone to frost, at room locations, and on pallets.
  • Effective management of hot and cold spots
  • Remote monitoring of sealed controlled-atmosphere storage

Early warning of refrigeration failure and frost risk.

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Facility Monitoring

Monitor export and local shipments

The advanced Xsense® cold chain monitoring system provides you with the tools to ensure that your products get to market safely and protects you from unjustified claims.

Xsense® provides traceability of your cargo and visibility to shipping environmental conditions. Moreover, it allows you to check if your third-party logistics providers comply with cold chain requirements. Xsense® will save you time, money, and help you ensure customer satisfaction.

Xsense® provides:

  • Wireless dataloggers ensure that data is uploaded automatically, without manual intervention.
  • Shipments can be viewed by leg.
  • Readings from the shipment cannot be withheld by the receiver; the readings are always visible to both the shipper and the receiver.
  • Locations of individual goods can be tracked.
  • Metrics such as CCL™ scores, PAR™ scores, and degreehours values allow one to quickly identify shipments potentially with problems.
  • Weekly shipment arrival report makes it easy to identify problems and conduct benchmarks.
  • Internal Business Intelligence (BI) analytics tool allows one to compare carriers and routes.

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Shipment Monitoring