Data Processing and Analytics

Cold Chain Information at Your Fingertips

Xsense® Cloud embodies the heart and soul of the Xsense® System.  It pulls in data from all sensors.  It consolidates and transforms data into meaningful information.   It shares that information with those who need to be informed, in order that they may take action.  And, it provides the tools to analyze the data more deeply, in order to take long term corrective action.

Xsense® Cloud’s combination of readily available information, reliable metrics transforming disparate data into convenient measures, and automatic notifications and alerts directing people to act on a timely basis, results in the powerful ability to put data collected by Xsense® to productive use.

With Xsense® on board, it is quite easy to gain substantial improvements in cold chain quality continuously, while significantly reducing operational costs: costs of cooling, costs of insurance, costs of product replacement, and much more.

While ensuring that customers have full access to their information, Xsense® goes to great lengths to ensure that unauthorized users cannot access customer data.  Xsense® Cloud enhances the standard security features that come with the AWS platform, and adds additional layers of security to ensure that users only see what should be seen.  See the ‘Information Security’ section for more details about Xsense® information security.

Available 24/7/365

Accessible from any internet-connected device

Secure and stable


Access restricted to authorized users


Integration and Accessibility

You can access Xsense® Cloud via

  • Browser
  • Smartphone (Mobile App)
  • Tablet
  • System-to-system integration via APIs


Raw data is transformed into

  • Metrics
  • Derived values
  • Consolidated value.


Xsense® offers direct and derived metrics, such as:

  • Sensor average, minimal, and maximal values
  • Dew point
  • Degree hours
  • Mean kinetic temperature
    • a measure for the effect of temperature fluctuations on perishable goods  during storage or transit
  • Cold Chain Logistics™ (CCL™) score
    • a measure indicating the fraction of the cold chain that remained within specification.
  • Pallet at Risk™ (PAR™) score
    • a measure that derives from the amount of temperature deviation from a set point throughout a cold chain
    • it highlights items that could be “at-risk” of damage due to excessive temperatures. the underlying assumption of PAR™ is that the physiological stress posed on the item in question may accelerate the aging process, arresting or accelerating the ripening process in the case of produce.
xsense analytics dashboard showing metrics

Information Distribution

  • Notifications
    via email or in-app messaging
  • Alerts
    via email, in-app messaging, or (optionally) SMS
  • API integration

Notifications are sent to inform users about the progress of a monitored item. For instance, as an item arrives at a waypoint or final destination, a notification may be automatically sent to interested parties.

Notifications may include scores indicating the quality of the journey or may identify those items that may have possibly been damaged.


Xsense® provides companies with tools to analyze the performance of their cold chain, including:

  • An Xsense® built-in cold chain analytics tool,
  • Specific reports, including raw data exports, and
  • Xsense® API export, for processing data on a user’s own  BI system in conjunction with one’s own data.

Xsense® Reports

The Xsense® cold-chain information system offers:

  • 30+ different available reports,
  • Periodic reports,for the tracking and analysis of accumulated data,
  • Automatic distribution of reports via email or smartphone app, and
  • Choice of format: CSV, XLSX and PDF.
Xsesnse Shipment Monitoring Reports