Quality Assurance Managers

Protect your perishables on their way to customers

In the age of premium quality and same-day delivery, customers expect their goods to arrive quickly and in immaculate conditions. But how can you ensure this level of quality, when your suppliers can be half the globe away?

Consider comprehensive cold chain monitoring solution such as Xsene® for quality assurance and risk management.

Get an instant picture of the storage and transportation conditions of any perishable goods you acquire or deliver to your customers.

Xsense® includes tools for taking immediate actions, such as mobile phone support, alerts, notifications, and a dashboard, and tools for long term corrective action, such as reports, web application for review of results, and a built-in cold chain analytics tool.

You Gain:

  • Visibility to inbound, on-site, and outbound quality information
  • Automatic hands-free data collection
  • User-definable control limits (for alerts)
  • Visibility to third-party logistics ambient conditions
  • Insights into cold chain bottlenecks
  • Use of an internal cold chain analytics tool, plus the option to integrate Xsense® with external BI systems
  • Automatic report generation and distribution
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Potentially reduced insurance claims and fees
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Reduction of product waste

Xsense® provides the tools for quality specialists and managers to excel at the jobs. Join hundreds of companies who are already using the Xsense® cold chain monitoring solution.