Xsense® is a state-of-art IoT cold chain monitoring system. It automatically collects, analyzes, and distributes to all supply chain stakeholders readings of ambient and core conditions, such as temperature, relative humidity, light exposure, shock, and other conditions.

Xsense® Cloud embodies the heart and soul of the Xsense® system.  It pulls in data from all sensors.  It consolidates and transforms data into meaningful information.   It shares that information with those who need to be informed.

The Xsense® Web Applications and Mobile Apps are the user interfaces to Xsense® Cloud.  They present the data so that users can take action, and they include tools for analyzing the data more deeply in order to take long term corrective action.

The Xsense® system’s combination of readily available information, reliable metrics transforming disparate data into convenient measures, and automatic notifications and alerts directing people to act on a timely basis, results in the powerful ability to put data collected by Xsense® to productive use.

The hardware does the monitoring. The software conducts the analysis and presents the information for users to act.  Actionable information.


  • Xsense® offers a variety of Hardware choices for collecting sensor readings
  • Xsense® support collection of data manually and through API data channels.
  • Xsense® supports “bring-your-own”.


  • Xsense® Cloud is where data is collected, processed, interpreted, analyzed, and shared.


  • Xsense® Web Application and Mobile App provide a number of accessible tools for directing action towards immediate corrective action and long-term problem resolution.

Features of Xsense®

Wireless technology

Automatic data collection and processing

Notifications, reports, benchmarking and analytics

Plug-and-Play system with simple setup 

What Sets Xsense® Apart

We are committed to creating an exceptional product for our customers. We are aware that our customers have alternatives.  Nevertheless, many of our customers have worked with us for over a decade and continue to work with us. Here are some of the qualities they state that sets us apart from our peers.

  • Customer Support: We provide a good level of customer support either directly or through our regional representatives.  Our technical support staff speak 12 languages.
  • Software: Our customers tell us that our software is quite good.
  • Data protection: We have comprehensive logic, and checks and balances in place, to control who gets to see any data.
  • Fairness between parties: Our system ensures that both parties to a shipment will always get to see the data.
  • Automation: Automatic data collection, alert generation, notice generation, report generation, and process step creation relieves workers of many tasks.
  • Works in Difficult Environments:  Xsense® is not a consumer product.  It is designed to work in tough industrial settings.  Our wireless RF dataloggers will work in environments other popular technologies, even the newest, fail. For instance, it is possible to read our dataloggers from outside containers without opening the doors.


With Xsense® on board, it is quite easy to gain substantial improvements in cold chain quality continuously, while significantly reducing operational costs: costs of cooling, costs of insurance, costs of product replacement, and much more.