Health industry logistics must meet several global and regional requirements and regulatory standards while handling environmentally-sensitive products. In the case of pharmaceuticals, it is vital to implement cold chain procedures. Environmentally controlled logistics helps to prevent product degradation, loss of potency, stability hazards, changes to purity, and other physical and chemical characteristics of medicines.

Modern manufactured pharmaceuticals contain high-value active components. They often cap the duration drugs may be stored and oblige one to adherence to strict environmental and transportation conditions. Stringent temperature and humidity control are required to maintain product stability up to the point that the product reaches the patient. Any breach of the cold chain procedures can influence patient safety and experience unfavorably.

Xsense® dataloggers ensure robust logistics transparency and traceability. The system guarantees trustworthy monitoring of goods along the supply network. This is necessary to eliminate health risks at every stage of the cold chain.

Customers in this market have found the following attributes of Xsense® to be particularly relevant:

  • Temperature monitoring of refrigerators in real-time
  • Automatic alerts when cooling equipment failure is detected
  • Real-time readings
  • Supply-chain traceability.
Vaccine monitoring solutions