Public Transport

Managers of public transport services are scrutinized by their users and by local authorities.  Public transport managers may receive complaints if the environment on their equipment is not maintained at a comfortable setting.  Likewise, if it cannot be demonstrated that the environment on the equipment has been maintained within proscribed regulations, the public transport managers could get in trouble.

A solution that has been running successfully for a number of years is to treat the public transit operation like a Last-Mile scenario.  Low cost HiTag™ dataloggers are placed on the equipment.  At the end of the working shift, the equipment returns to one of several bases.  Xsense® wireless gateways are placed at the bases.  Even though the bases are quite large, a mesh can extend outwards from the wireless gateways from HiTag™ to HiTag™.  The results are collected, processed in Xsense® Cloud, and are shared with the responsible individuals.
The Xsense® monitoring solution is suitable for reporting readings from:

  • Municipal buses,
  • Light Rail (street cars),
  • Passenger trains, and
  • Underground / Subway / Urban Railroads


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