Join a Team of Dedicated Innovators

Reduce waste, save energy, and make the products you and your family consume every day safer by helping the cold chain work better. Participate in building powerful cold chain IoT technologies that help to solve some of the most challenging problems in the handling of perishables.

Our Culture

Our culture is not for everyone. We expect each and every one of us:

  • to be responsible for their work,
  • to use their time effectively,
  • to show initiative and persistence,
  • to produce high-quality work,
  • to meet commitments, and
  • to demonstrate a strong work ethic.

Most of all, we expect each of us to think about what they are doing, and to “own” what they are doing.

Xsense corporate culture

Our Workforce

Every workplace is a dynamic social environment.  It can be healthy and stay healthy, or it can be unhealthy or become unhealthy.  We expect each person to contribute to creating a healthy work environment.  This involves working in a professional manner, avoiding bullying or harassment of others, accepting working with people that are different from you, leaving prejudices at home, and working with others in the company to help address issues, when the actions of others are not appropriate.

We are an equal opportunity employer.  We respect expertise, competency, and professionalism (and all those attributes that we listed in the paragraphs above).We have a diverse workforce from a wide variety of ethnic, cultural, and religious (and non-religious) affiliations.

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