Meat and Poultry

Meat and poultry are subject to continuous decay, so the length and conditions of the supply chain play an essential part in determining their life. Meat and poultry can suffer shrinkage due to moisture loss, texture changes, unpleasant odor, and pathogenic biological processes should the cold chain encounter environmental excursions or be excessively long.

The most vital factors for preserving meat and poultry remains the control of temperature, relative humidity, and hygienic conditions. To secure meat and poultry, the Xsense® System monitors multiple indicators while collecting and analyzing information about monitored items throughout the cold chain.

Customers in this market have found the following attributes of Xsense® System to be particularly relevant:

  • Temperature and Relative Humidity readings for the maintenance of odor and color.
  • Dew point results to avoid contamination of bacteria during transportation
  • Reports for previewing final quality upon arrival at the destination
  • Automatic alerts and notifications in order to take timely corrective action in order to keep product in conformity