Pre-cooling Monitoring

The Xsense® pre-cooling solution is designed to programmatically monitor treatment operations by monitoring the conditioning environment and the items being treated. It helps determine when a treatment cycle should be paused or halted, and whether the items being treated need to be moved around within the conditioning environment. The goal is typically to adjust the condition of the product for better storage or to inhibit the ripening of fruit and vegetables in order to extend shelf life, or to accelerate ripening in order to prepare the product for market.

Typical applications are managing forced-air cooler or vacuum cooler operations. (The solution is also relevant for hydro-coolers.) These coolers are typically used for the treatment of produce post-harvest after its arrival at a site.

How It Works

  • Xsense®wireless HiTags™ are placed in the pallets in the treatment environment to enable the collection of temperature and relative humidity data.
  • The predefined treatment program is selected.
  • The treatment operation is run.
  • Upon reaching a stage requiring manual intervention, or upon reaching the end of the treatment cycle, the process supervisor is notified.

What it Solves

  • Automatic monitoring and management of product conditioning processes.

For pre-cooling monitoring, we recommend HiTag™ dataloggers.



  • Measuring environment and product temperatures and relative humidity
  • Wireless technology
  • Plug-and-play implementation
  • Real-time breach alerts
  • ‘Load done’ notifications
  • Xsense® web-application and mobile app capabilities


  • Improves operational efficiency
  • Optimizes equipment utilization
  • Reduces process oversight requirements
  • Eliminates need to open the treatment environment to check sensor readings
  • Reduced likelihood of overtreatment or under-treatment
  • Reduced electrical consumption
  • No need for calibration of data loggers: Dataloggers are factory calibrated. Old dataloggers are replaced with factory calibrated dataloggers