Neonatal and Infant Nutrition

Among the many challenges confronting the neonatal and infant nutrition sector are spoilage, loss of nutritional value, changes to quality, and health risks associated with microbial contaminants. Excursions of environmental conditions during the handling of infant formula and other foodstuffs may occur at any point of the supply chain – from source to destination, such as during truck loading or storage.
As infants are highly sensitive to what they eat, and the products are of high value, monitoring from end to end, including the monitoring of incoming ingredients, is imperative.

Customers in this market have found the following attributes of Xsense® to be particularly relevant:

  • Accurate temperature monitoring in order to maintain the pH of the formula.
  • Relative humidity monitoring in order to maintain texture and quality of product.
  • Automated reports, alerts, and notifications for timely appraisal of cold-chain excursions.