RF HiTag™

Xsense® HiTag™ wireless dataloggers are designed to provide automated data reporting at an affordable price.  They operate on the low ISM frequency band of 433 Mhz and support mesh connectivity, which results in superior RF signal penetration over alternatives operating at higher frequency bands.

When operating, HiTags™ take sensor readings and store them in internal memory.   Simultaneously, HiTags™ listen for the beacon of an Xsense® wireless gateway.  (HiTags™ are typically used in conjunction with Xsense® gateways.)  HiTags™ also listen for the beacons of other HiTags™ that are already connected to a gateway.

When HiTags™ come into the presence of an Xsense® wireless gateway, they will connect to the gateway, and then transfer their readings to the gateway.  After connecting to a gateway, HiTags™ will continue taking and reporting readings; they do not stop and shutdown after uploading their readings to the gateway.

HiTags™ will report readings in real-time whenever connected to a Xsense® gateway.  This means that the combination of HiTags™ and Xsense® wireless gateways are ideal for real-time monitoring of facilities, outdoor locations, and last-mile delivery vehicles.

Supported sensors:

  • Ambient temperature
  • Probe temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Door ajar

Special capabilities for challenging environments

Industrial settings

  • HiTags™ communicate at 433 MHz, facilitating signal penetration through walls and dense materials.
  • If necessary, HiTags™ will form a mesh between each other. This improves connectivity and coverage through and around barriers.
  • Readings will be reported in real-time while connected to a wireless gateway.


  • The mesh building capability of the HiTag™ allows the area of coverage around an Xsense® gateway to be enlarged by up to 2000 feet.
  • Readings will be reported in real-time while connected to a gateway.

Air Transport

  • HiTag™ data loggers transmit RF waves only when requested by the Xsense® Otherwise, the data loggers sit quietly listening for the beacon of the Xsense® gateway.  Hence, the data loggers adhere to the RF requirements of airlines and are eligible for inclusion in air shipments.
  • HiTag™ data loggers utilize alkaline batteries by default, with only a few exceptions.  HiTags™ utilizing alkaline batteries are considered safe for transport on cargo and passenger aircrafts.

Core Measurements and High-Density Product

  • The wireless data loggers operate at a low frequency (433MHz), which helps penetrate barriers, dense product, and water. (The resonant frequency of water is about 2.4 GHz, making WIFI and BLE less than ideal mediums for connectivity around products with a high water content.)
  • HiTags™ may be placed in the center of the loads in order to record and report on core conditions.

Shipping Container

  • Some models of HiTags™ have an external antenna.
  • These HiTags™ can be placed inside of freight containers, with the antenna extended outside the door.
  • This permits sensor readings of the inside of the container to be read by Xsense® while the container remains sealed, such as at ports, or upon arrival at the destination.

Delivery Vehicles

  • When used in combination with Xsense® wireless gateways, HiTag™ can provide real-time readings.
  • Real precise GPS location information can be obtained from the gateway.