Supermarket Managers

Fresh and healthy products thanks to cold chain control

Your daily challenge is to provide your customers with fresh and healthy products. While there are lots of obstacles to this goal, a reliable cold chain monitoring solution can mitigate food quality risks.

The retail environment is a challenging one for effective monitoring of goods. Product arrives from a large number of sources, internal and external.  It is transported by a variety of means.  It must be kept under controlled conditions on site.  And, it may have to be delivered off site under controlled conditions by own or 3rd party vehicles.

Fortunately, Xsense® offers solutions for all the monitoring needs of retailers, whether it be shipments, last mile deliveries, on site monitoring, or end-to-end monitoring.  With Xsense® retailers have been able to

  • Automatically collect sensor information,
  • Gain visibility to all parts of the cold chain
  • Receive alerts of any irregular changes in conditions sent to any device, including mobile
  • Share information with the correct persons throughout the organization.
  • Reduce power consumption of cooling equipment.
  • Analyze variation in quality between parts of the cold chain with Xsense® analytics tool.
  • Review weekly reports identify problems and conduct benchmarks.

Monitor in-coming shipments

Xsense® provides traceability of your cargo and visibility to shipping environmental conditions. Moreover, it allows you to check if your third-party logistics providers comply with cold chain requirements. Xsense® will save you time, money, and help you ensure you receive satisfactory goods.

  • Viewing datalogger readings of incoming shipments without having to open the doors to the container or truck.
  • Receive automatic arrival notifications including quality metrics, such as Cold Chain Logistics™ (CCL™)score, Pallet at Risk™ (PAR™) score, and degree hours to quickly identify problems.
  • Receive advance notification and alert of issues with FULL graphs at waypoints, such as ports, DCs, terminals and airports or in real-time with Xsense® HiTags™.
  • Receive readings in real-time with Xsense® cellular real-time dataloggers.
  • View shipments by leg

Monitor DCs and Supermarkets

Xsense® can be used to monitor DCs, coolers, instore refrigerators and freezers.  HiTag™ dataloggers can be placed in and about these equipment and rooms to monitor hot and cold spots, including in sealed areas.

Xsense® offers:

  • Quick and easy installation without wires.
  • Effective management of hot and cold spots
  • Remote monitoring of closed coolers
  • Early warning of refrigeration failure and frost risk.

Monitor last mile

Monitoring last mile for supermarkets can be quite challenging. Distances can be quite large.  It is common to use mixed fleets of own and 3rd party vehicles.  Routes are often one-way.  The Xsense® solutions for monitoring last mile are popular due to their flexibility and adaptability.

  • Routes may be one-way or cyclic.
  • Vehicles may be own or 3rd
  • Traceability may be focused on goods or on vehicles.
  • Hybrid real-time, or real-time may be used.
  • Capital costs can be kept low.
  • Low cost options.

Monitor end-to-end

Supermarkets are uniquely positioned to easily monitor goods end-to-end from supplier to ports or external DCs, to internal DCs, on to supermarkets, and in some cases on to customers locations. Xsense® has the ability to monitor goods seamlessly monitor goods end-to-end as they are packed, loaded, unloaded, and reloaded.

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