Data loggers

Xsense®  offers a selection of dataloggers to match specific applications, user preferences, and budgets:

  • HiTag™ wireless data loggers
  • Cellular real-time data loggers
  • BLE wireless dataloggers
  • USB data loggers

Temperature, relative humidity, and door ajar status may be monitored, depending on the model.

HiTag™ Wireless Dataloggers

HiTag™ Wireless Dataloggers

Extended life and Superior wireless signal penetration at a price point similar to that of conventional manual dataloggers.

Cellular Real-time Dataloggers

Cellular Real-time Dataloggers

For real-time location and sensor monitoring.
Convenient battery-powered format.
Available in single use, and rechargeable/reusable formats.

BLE DataLogger

BLE Wireless Dataloggers

Wireless dataloggers readable by most smartphones.

USB datalogger

USB Data Loggers