Frozen Products

Frozen products are exposed to several unique hazards: defrosting, melting, shape damage, refreezing, formation of ice crystals, and package disintegration. These are caused by inappropriate temperatures or levels of humidity. Moreover, frozen products must not experience perforation or damage to packaging.  Environmental controls must be maintained and monitored under harsh conditions.

Fortunately, Xsense® cold chain solution has dataloggers explicitly designed for monitoring frozen products conditions, wirelessly. This means the readings can be easily obtained without having to enter the freezer environment. Automatically. Free of human intervention.

Xsense® automatically sends alerts about thermal stress, ensuring timely corrective action, and ensuring product quality. It may even catch when containers have been opened when they should not have been.

Customers of Xsense® System have found the following attributes to be particularly relevant:

  • Wireless dataloggers for identification of hot and cold spots
  • Dashboards with gauges for monitoring locations and optimizing cooling in order to save electrical power.
  • Automatic alerts and notifications for quick corrective action.