About Us

Xsense®, A Leader in Cold Chain Monitoring Innovation

Xsense® is the developer and producer of the Xsense® cold chain monitoring solution line of products.. Xsense® offers a range of capabilities: from simple monitoring of locations or single legs of shipments, to full-fledged systems for keeping track of all parts of the most complicated cold chains.

Xsense® is one of the pioneers of wireless monitoring in the cold-chain.  We began in 2006 as a part of StePac L.A. and continue to this day as a separate entity since 2012.  Throughout our history we have invested extensively software development, hardware development, and pure research.  We are a multi-disciplinary workforce with backgrounds in engineering, data science, life sciences, agronomy, plant physiology, logistics, and manufacturing.

Xsense® Mission

To provide reliable cold chain monitoring solutions at an affordable price, and to empower the widespread monitoring of environments and perishable products.

Xsense® Vision

To ensure full traceability and visibility of the state of perishable goods to all stakeholders in a cold supply chain.

Xsense® Values

Advanced Technologies, Fair Costs, Sustainable Operations

Comprehensive Monitoring Expertise

Many years of listening to our customers and learning from their needs has resulted in the very capable Xsense® solution suite, which has a lot of cold-chain knowledge baked in.  It has also left us with a very capable workforce who can readily address individual customer needs.