Fish and Seafood

A controlled cold-chain for fish and seafood, is not just a quality issue, it is a health and safety issue.  Any breach in the fish and seafood cold chain is an opportunity for the formation of pathogens.  Degradation in the quality and health of live cold-blooded animals may result in toxic and dangerous byproducts.  Loss of quality may result in overdrying, and changes to texture, color, and flavour.

Customers in this market are motivated to meet regulations, to ensure consistent temperature of product, to avoid melting, in the case of frozen product, and to prevent deterioration of packaging.  Consequently, these customers have found the following attributes of Xsense® to be particularly relevant:

  • Cold chain traceability to ensure adherence to international trade rules and exportation rules.
  • Relative humidity sensors for detecting changes that can cause deterioration of packaging.
  • Dataloggers for monitoring deep frozen, frozen, and fresh products in a variety of settings in real-time or semi-real-time