Xsense® Cloud embodies the heart and soul of the Xsense® system.  It pulls in data from all sensors.  It consolidates, interprets, analyzes, and  transforms data into meaningful information.   It shares that information with those who need to be informed, in order that they may take action.

While ensuring that customers have full access to their information, Xsense® goes to great lengths to ensure that unauthorized users cannot access customer data.  Xsense® Cloud enhances the standard security features that come with the AWS platform, and adds additional layers of security to ensure that users only see what should be seen.  See the ‘Information Security’ section for more details about Xsense® information security.

Available 24/7/365

Secure and stable

Access restricted to authorized users

Transformation of Data

Raw data is transformed into

  • Consolidated values
  • Derived values
  • Metrics

Consolidated Values

  • Sensor average, minimal, and maximal values

Derived Values

  • Dew point

Xsense analytic dashboard

xsense analytics dashboard showing metrics


Pallet at Risk™ (PAR™) score

  • A measure that derives from the particular vulnerability to temperature related physiological stress on the produce/goods being monitored.
  • The underlying assumption of PAR™ is that the physiological stress posed on the item in question may accelerate the aging process, arresting or accelerating the ripening process in the case of produce.
  • PAR™ score is an indicator of potential damage to a load.
  • It is useful when deciding to accept incoming cargo and FEFO stock management.

Degree hours

Cold Chain Logistic™ (CCL™) score

  • A measure indicating the fraction of the cold chain that remained within specification.
  • It is a useful measure to consider when deciding to accept in-coming cargo.

Mean kinetic temperature

  • A measure for the effect of temperature fluctuations on perishable goods during storage or transit