Video Guides

Learn how to operate HiTag data loggers, wireless gateways, and Xsense system portal with our easy-to-comprehend video guides.

HiTag2 Datalogger Installation Video Guide

In this video you’ll learn how to install a HiTag data logger.

  • Begin by unpacking HiTags from the package.
  • Press and hold power button for a logger activation.
  • Pull out the antena.
  • Place the Xsense HiTga in a product package and confirm that antena is clearly visible outside of the box.

Xsense® Wireless Gateway Installation Video Guide

In this video tutorial you’ll learn how to install the Xsense gateway (Communication Unit).

  • For installing Xsense system, you will need one of the following options – LAN or cellular connections.
  • Provide facility floor plan to the Xsense tech support team to  achive optimal signal facility coverage.
  • Verify that the gateway is installed in safe location, out of harm’s way.

Xsense® Cloud Portal Video Guide

In this video you’ll learn about Xsense analytics and reporting.

  • As a shipment arrives at its destination, a HiTag automatically communicates with a gateway installed on a site.
  • An automated arrival notification (SMS and/or email) will be sent including data graphs and shipment statistical analytics information.