What Sets Xsense® Apart

We are committed to creating an exceptional product for our customers. We are aware that our customers have alternatives, some of which are quite good, that they can obtain from our competitors.  Nevertheless, many of our customers continue to buy from us, and listed here are some of the reasons they state that sets us apart from our peers.

Customer Support: We provide a good level of customer support either directly or through our regional representatives.  Our technical support staff speak XX languages.

Software: Our customers tell us that our software is very good.

Data protection: We have comprehensive logic and checks and balances in place to control who gets to see any data.

Fairness between parties: Our system ensures that both parties to a shipment will always get to see the data.

Automation: Automatic data collection, alert generation, notice generation, report generation, and process step creation relieves workers of many tasks.

Works in Difficult Environments:  Xsense® is not a consumer product.  It is designed to work in tough industrial settings.  Our wireless RF dataloggers will work in environments other popular technologies, even the newest, fail. It is possible to read our dataloggers from inside containers without opening the doors.





Xsense® System Consists of

  • Monitor: Xsense® offers a variety of Hardware choices for collecting sen  Xsense® also allows one to “bring-your-own”.
    We now support collection of data manually and through API data channels, although our expertise and specialty, of course, is in the collection of data wirelessly and automatically.
  • Interpret: Xsense® Cloud is where data is collected, processed, analyzed, and shared, and
  • Act: Xsense® provides a number of tools for directing ones actions, for immediate corrective action and for long term problem resolution.