What’s New

June 26, 2022

Shipment Cool Store Report
The report will indicate 3 measures that are important to the shipper
1. How long the pallet waits for cooling
2. How fast it was cooled
3. In what temperature it left the cool store.

See the 3 measures indicated on the image

What’s New

May 10, 2022

Dashboard for Pack-house
The system has currently 7 new widgets for the pack-house to monitor their pallets by sites and location relative to the required temperature that is defined using product thresholds.

What’s New

May 10, 2022

Product Quality – strawberry and Lettuce shelf life prediction
The system will use a module to predict remaining shelf life and product quality lose until now. It will indicate how the product would behave when optimal conditions are applied vs current condition.

What’s New

May 1, 2022

Dashboard Widget Pallet Profiles in Room
The widget groups the pallets in a room by temperature tiers (configured in widget settings).
A room is displayed by two bars, previous day and current day..

What’s New

August 9, 2021

Dashboard Real-time shipments’ widget 
The widget will display all real time shipments’ last locations or a complete one selected shipment.
When readings are not in spec they will be marked in red.

What’s New

July 9, 2021

FM sites’ Status New Widget
The widget will display your sites on a map, their status will be displayed with the relevant color (Green/Red). On click you can view more details.

What’s New

June 13, 2021

Last mile module was added to the mobile application

Added Min and Max  values to FM detailed report
Min and Max of reading added for each time period.  Previously, only the average was provided.

Certificate Of Conformity is now available by FM Site
This command allows one to generate the certification of conformity for all tags on a site.
The relevant tags are marked in bold fonts.
The certificate is valid for 3 years from manufacture date.

History of changes to Xsense® Web Application is now visible on-line
By selecting the announcement icon on the Xsense® Web Application, one can browse for latest new features and enhancements.

What’s New

March 21, 2021

New Data-loggers
The Xsense system now includes Cellular Data-logger, USB data-logger and BLE in addition to the RF data-loggers
For more information see www.xsense.co/dataloggers

Tag Quick view
This is for quick visualize if a tag has reading and it is related to a shipment / FM

New Dashboard widget
Pallets’ profile in a room

What’s New

January 24, 2021

Tag’s ‘Certificate Of Conformity’
A certificate of conformity can be downloaded in PDF formed from the Tag view of the Admin module.  Local admin privileges are required.

Mobile Application
New CU wireless gateway status view.
The Mobile app now supports Xsense® BLE data loggers.

USB Automatic Shipment Creation
If a shipment was not defined in Xsense® for a USB datalogger, Xsense® system automatically will define a shipment if the owner of the data logger is known, and the data logger was uploaded at destination associated to the owner.

Automatic Shipment
If a rule is configured and a shipment template  was created on the shipper site, then the system will create a shipment based on that rule and shipment template.

What’s New

December 28, 2020

Start Shipment on First Reading
A new option has been added for the start of shipment: ‘Start on First Reading’.  With this option selected, the start time of the shipment is based upon the timestamp of the first reading.  This option is helpful when the start time of a shipment may not be know in advance, and the datalogger will be started at the start time of the shipment.

Segments added to ‘Closed Shipments Summary Report’
Degree hours, Avg. temp and other metrics are now viewable by segment.

Periodic Facility Report
Temperature and RH breach status columns are now color-coded according to level of breach.

What’s New

November 22, 2020

Real-time Sensor Enhancements
New options: Flight mode and auto stop after end of use

New display of battery level.

Changes to Site-View

Added measures:  Avg. Temp, min temp, max. temp, Avg RH, Age (in days).

Ability to display Wireless Gateway (CU) on Facility Map / Precool map Widgets
Markers to indicate the location of wireless gateways can be added to the facility image.

The color of the marker indicates whether the gateway is on-line (Green), or off-line (Red).
By hovering on the gateway icon, a tool-tip will appear indicating the ID, name and status of the gateway.

Clicking on the marker will direct the user to the management screen of the wireless gateway.