BLE Dataloggers

Xsense® BLE dataloggers are a convenient low-cost solution that can be read most anywhere with a smartphone. They are thin and compact.

Xsense® is as always concerned about data security. The BLE dataloggers can be read by anyone using the Xsense® mobile app, but only authorized users can see the data.  And, of course, receivers cannot withhold data from shippers. Alerts and notifications are generated by Xsense® Cloud.

About the BT-USB-03

The Xsense® In-Transit BT-USB-03 logger is a Bluetooth datalogger with Bluetooth and USB data offload capability.

This datalogger is ideal when quick and convenient access to readings, at the end of or during the journeys of products, is
desired. Data may be offloaded via Bluetooth using the Xsense® smartphone app. Downloading data from the datalogger via
Bluetooth does not stop the logger, the logger will continue collecting and reporting readings.

The smartphone uploads information to Xsense® Cloud, and the information may be viewed on Xsense® web application, or on
the mobile app. Thereafter, Xsense® users across the globe can quickly and easily access the readings and derived metrics.
Data is made available in graph and table format. Location information is noted wherever data is uploaded.

The contents of the datalogger can also be read using its built-in USB port which, when connected to a PC, automatically
creates a PDF report of the readings. This PDF file can be uploaded to Xsense® Cloud, if desired.

This datalogger is suitable for wirelessly monitoring temperature of perishables as they travel through the cold chain.
Applications include monitoring refrigerated vans, trucks, and containers, as well as rail, air, and sea shipments.

Workers can download and share data at any touch point, allowing them to identify where and when problems occur in the cold

Features and Benefits

  • Include both BLE wireless and integrated USB connectivity.
  • Automatic generation of results in Adobe® PDF format.
  • Xsense platform data integration.
  • Automatic data sharing capabilities with predefined subscribers.
  • Cost affective.